Welcome to the CBS Society

We set up this website with the intention of providing resources, education, information and support for anyone living with or affected by Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).

In short, when mentally healthy people with significant vision loss experience vivid, recurrent visions, it is called CBS.

CBS often goes undiagnosed, people are reluctant to voluntarily share their symptoms, fearing they might be labeled as insane or malingering. Where the diagnosis of CBS has been correctly made, the people reported feeling great relief to hear that CBS is a known phenomenon and that it is not related to mental illness.

Therefore, raising the awareness of CBS in the community and with medical professionals is a critical part of what the CBS Society is about. With a growing elderly population and with it an increased prevalence of visual impairment, it is important for physicians who see patients with vision loss to be familiar with CBS. Relief of unnecessary suffering and anxiety can be as simple as education and counseling, especially in a person already burdened with failing vision.

Spreading the word about CBS

Getting the word out about CBS and raising the awareness of what can be a frightening experience - not because of what the person sees in the visions but because of the fact they are experiencing the visions at all - is really important to the CBS Society.

Beyond that, providing support to people who are experiencing CBS. An opportunity to talk about our experiences, cry and laugh together. 'A problem shared is a problem halved'.

If you or a loved one is experiencing CBS or if you would like more information about Charles Bonnet Syndrome or the CBS Society please contact us.

You're not alone

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You can experience Charles Syndrome at any age, it usually happens with significant vision loss later in life. Anything up to 40 per cent of people with significant vision loss will experience CBS. It can happen to people with mild vision loss but that's more rare.

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